Sunday, January 27, 2008

Starting a New Year!

Well here's the skinny! Abbie is 8 months preggo with our first little baby boy! We have decided to call him Lincoln Robert Swenson and are totally stoked to have him almost here. Jake is getting really excited to be able to finally have a turn holding him. He is getting a little tired of going over to feel him kicking (whenever Abbie beckons) and then not feel anything--ever; he says that he must have narcoleptic hands. Abbie is working as a Behavioral Interventionist/Psycho-Social Rehabilitator for the Boise School District as well as for a private company called Clearwater Rehabilitation. She really likes it and is learning some pretty good anti-grumpy-child skills; being that this is Jake's son she is about to have, she's definitely going to need them! Jake is currently looking for another line of work and is on the verge of getting a great job (soon to be disclosed to the public.) After almost three weeks of interviewing he is ready to finalize things. He has been trying his luck with the insurance business selling health and life insurance but has come to a cross-roads and decided to go a different route. Abbie is serving as the Ward's Young Women's Secretary and loving every minute of it. With putting together activities for the young girls every Wednesday and teaching a lesson every fourth Sunday she is keeping herself plenty busy. Jake is the Ward's Gospel Doctrine teacher and has his hands full. He says he feels pretty inadequate at times but every Sunday he seems to pull off some pretty great and inspiring lessons. Dag and Teague are content just being the typical happy-go-lucky pit bulls...and Zeus--their newly acquired 1/2 Lynx 1/2 Manx 3 month old cat-friend is giving them their practice for having a new-born baby in the house. He sleeps all day and then is energetically awake from about midnight on, every night, keeping the sleepy parentals up! He's still a kitty and probably taken from his mother too early because the other day they found him trying to nurse on Dag! The plans are still in the hopper to move down to Texas this Summer; August is looking like the time to go. Jake will be finally going to Chiropractic School and is getting pretty antsy to get started!


Stewartfamily said...

It was so good to hear from you guys! We are so excited for Lincoln to come we can't wait to see pictures! What part of Texas are you moving to? We might end up living in Texas in a couple of years. Sounds like life is going good for you guys! Congrats Jake on school.

the Allers said...

A few items of business.
1. I don't see a picture of me on your photo montage.
2. I can't say enough about swaddling
(babies that is)
3. I also can't say enough about the book "Baby Whisperer". It saved my sanity.
4. I'm super stoked for Lincoln to get here!

Emily said...

Found you! Yeay... welcome to the blogging world. We are bosom buddies because I know your pregnancy ailments. If I don't see you before the big day, push hard!

Gabe & Christy Beal said...

Hey guys! Lucky to run into you at Babies R Us! I am so excited to see your little guy - hes going to be ADORABLE! And heres wishing to a speedy/painfree delivery for Abbie! (She'll have to tell me how it REALLY goes, so I can be prepared!)