Thursday, March 13, 2008

Changes and more changes...he's almost here!!!!

Well, there has been a lot that has happened here in the last month and a half. Jake has finally landed a pretty unbelievable job as an Educational Recruiter for ITT Technical Institute which is great money and offers to pay for his schooling at 80%! After 5 interviews spread over three weeks and a battery of personality tests (which we’re surprised he passed ) he was finally given an offer about four weeks ago and gladly accepted the position! He spends his days recruiting and interviewing potential students and basically makes the end decision whether or not they are “worthy” for school. He enjoys his power! We couldn’t be happier and just in time for baby Lincoln to come around!

Abbie is just about done with this whole pregnancy business. She can hardly find a comfortable position anymore and is starting to contract stronger and stronger as the days go by—we’re just waiting for that fateful flow of amniotic delight which is nature’s way of saying, “Can’t turn back now, Ha, Ha, Ha!!” Abbie is fairly keyed into the holistic-side of almost everything she can be and is willing to “just let it happen how it’ll happen,” but that still hasn’t kept her from allowing her Chiropractor to draw some message points on her to see if her body will induce itself after rubbing on them for a bit…we’ll do that tomorrow and see what happens. According to the Dr. Lincoln's lungs are fully developed and he is as ready to come as he is gonna get now! Jake still continues to put the bug in Abbie's ear that even though having an epidural dramatically increases the probability of the use of instruments during birth, oxytocin augmentation, bladder catheterization and possible, even permanent, paralysis— it would dramatically decrease his having to see his poor baby in pain; after all, he did this to her and wants to feel as non-responsible as possible! They say after massaging those points you’re looking at 24-48 hours (if your body is ready) and then you’re parents! YIPPEE we’ll see! (ps...we're dilated t a 3!)

So for those not in the loop yet as to our other big news-- it is as follows. Since the college Jake is working at now has offered to pay for any degree he receives there at 80% we have decided to get him enrolled into the School of Health Information Technologies program next quarter (which is basically the study of the business-side of any medical office; coding, billing, insurance, records management, etc…) and with a bunch of his credits transferable from Boise State he will be able to graduate from ITT in less than two years totally prepared for Chiropractic school. So, to all of those who have been under the impression that we will be in Texas by August of this year you can push that out a few more years on your calendars! Chiropractics is definitely still the goal and ITT has made it even more so, but has just offered a way to enter with a much needed degree at the same time!

We’ll let you know about Lincoln as soon as we SEE him!